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Road America

640 acres of racing awesomeness.  Road America is renowned in the auto racing world as one of the most popular and historic road racing facilities in the world.  Road America plays host to some of the biggest and most popular racing events.


With it's 4 miles of smooth race track, 4 miles of service roads, single track trails and many support facilities, Road America is the ideal location for the premier endurance festival.

Facility Highlights

Check out all the amazing amenities at Road America that make it the best place for an endurance festival


At 640 acres, Road America provides a lot of room to spread out!  It also provides many opportunities to grow Endurafest and our vision for the premier endurance festival in the world!

Smooth, safe roads

The tarmac at Road America is like butter.  No potholes to avoid or cars to worry about.  Just you and your endurance playground

Great for spectators

Let's face it, your family is proud when you do dumb events, but watching you go by for 3 seconds every 2 hours as they try and navigate around a complex course to cheer you on is not fun. Road America provides many points to cheer and observe that are minutes away on foot. They can also cruise around the grounds on bike or scooter.  Your family and friends will also be treated to the best amenities such as accessible bathrooms, great food, entertainment, etc.  And the cost for spectators is very little!

It's all right there!

Multiple bathrooms, showers, food options, camping spaces, great vendors, entertainment and more is within just steps.  You don't have to fight traffic or worry about a parking spot miles away to get where you need to go!

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