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The mission of myTEAM TRIUMPH is powerful and long lasting.  Whatever event you're participating in, you'll have the chance to fundraise to support inclusion for people with diverse abilities!


To help you with your fundraising efforts, we've put together some amazing resources.  

Fundraising Milestones

The more you raise, the more perks you earn


Unlock the Victory Lane Experience perks, plus 12 Hours of Road America Special Edition "Gulf" Cycling Jersey or Tech T


Free TRIUMPH Membership for 1 year + Special Edition "Gulf" Cycling Jersey or Tech 


12 Hours of Road Jacket + Special Edition "Gulf" Cycling Jersey or Tech T


Wahoo Fitness Kickr CORE direct drive smart trainer or Garmin Fenix 6. + Special Edition "Gulf" Cycling Jersey or Tech T


All you need to rock your fundraising!

Runsignup Fundraising page

When you register for any Endurafest event, you'll automatically receive a fundraising page which will be sent to you via email.  This is a great starting tool to help you in your fundraising. You can customize your fundraising page pictures, your story and invite people to give.  If you are part of a team, you will also have a team page that you can share for the team fundraising challenge.  All donations that come into your individual page will roll up to the team total.  To access your fundraising page, reference the email sent to you after you registered, or log into your Runsign up account HERE

Facebook fundraising page

THIS is where your fundraising gets powerful!  Those who set up their Facebook fundraiser raise on average 70% more than those who do not.  Runsignup allows you to create a Facebook fundraising page that is connected to your RSU page.  This is amazingly powerful for a few reasons.  

  1. Facebook fundraising tools are powerful. They have high visibility in your friends feeds vs external links and allow you to invite your friends and family to give and follow your journey more effectively.  

  2. All donations that come into your Facebook page will sync with your RSU page.  

  3. Donations that come into Facebook are FEE FREE!  That's right, 100% of the donation goes to myTEAM TRIUMPH!  


Creating your connected Facebook page is super simple!  All you need to do is log into your RSU fundraiser and enable it!  We've created a VIDEO TUTORIAL walking you through the process

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